Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Dark – Two week test

OK, yes, there probably are two weeks to go until this is ready, but a two week test is pretty useful.

So, what was it like. It tastes pretty good...definite chocolate and a hint of coffee, good roasted overtones. Not to sweet, even with the lactose....possibly needs more?

The colour seemed to have changed too. No longer does it seem that dark brown, more a rich chestnut colour of a dark(ish) mild.

However, there's a clear(!) issue. The taste has a bit of yeast about it, and the pic below shows why. Happy with the lumpy bits, I can avoid them, and they may settle. However, the haze is an issue. Could be two reason:

  • The extra yeast I put in to resurrect fermentation hasn't cleared down. The Windsor yeast used first time round had only moderate flocculation, and God know's what strain went in second. It just doesn't taste THAT yeasty though!

  • It didn't cool quickly enough, I didn't get the cold break, and this is protein haze. Might validate my purchase of an immersion cooler!

Give it another fortnight, and I'll see. Will do a quick test, in that, if I warm the beer the haze should go if its proteinaceous.

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