Sunday, 3 April 2011

Die Katze wird gebraut


Spent yesterday having a go at an AG Weißbier. The mash went ok, think I was a bit down on the efficiency this came out a little lower in gravity than I expected (1041 not 1047).

However, getting the thing down to pitching temeprature was a nightmare. Remind me to make this bier in winter next time. Had to pitch at 16C rather than 12C, and I am hoping that it will ferment at around 18C - should still be ok. From what I can see the raised temperature just promotes more banana and clove scented esters, so that's fine by me!

I am also having a 'mare getting the wort from boiler to fermenter. In the past this has been to too many hops and/or adjuncts blocking the hops trainer. No idea why its sticking now - must be all that gloopy crap that seems to settle out upon cooling. Of course, being a wheat beer, the proteinaceous gunk that gives the beer its taste, texture, and appearance cannot help!

Have to say the yeast I used (my first batch from White Labs) smelt wonderful...just put me back in Germany. I can only hope this gets somewhere close.

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