Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pacific Rim musings

It's been a mad month.....travelling hither and thither. Start of the month, the Lakes for a week, third week of May two days in Germany, week four saw three days in France, and the end (plus 13 days in June) sees me on Vancouver Island.

What a place this is. Difficult to sum up in words, you just need to come here! Different to my visits to the Rockies, but none the worse for missing the odd glacier!

Added to that, the West Coast vibe of craft brewing has also made it here. Sampled some good stuff from Vancouver Island Brewery, and, last night checked out two beers by the local Tofino Brewing Company (Beer transport miles = 1). A good 'Tuff Session Ale', well balanced with an interesting hint of at the end...burnt sugar?...reminded me of that really dark maple syrup you can get. But the Hoppin' Cretin IPA was glorious...not hopped beyond belief like some of these new N American IPAs, and better for it, in my opinion. Great citrus hits from the hops, and a solid bitter taste throughout.

On the homebrew front, thoughts turn to that all Amarillo IPA I have been promising to myself...will have to get to ordering the ingredients, so they are there on my return

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