Saturday, 17 December 2011

Beers in the Smoke 2011

Yes folks, it's that time of year again. We brave the elements and Londoners to sample a range of delights the City has to offer. I have written before about my surprise at finding, often hidden away, cracking gems of pubs - some with great beer, others real architectural treasures.

Anyway, it's time to start planning again. Date set: Dec 29th. Starting point set: possible. Plan: Check. The idea is to get recommendations in (personal or written), with a short walk in between, and a range of styles of pub sampled. This year sees us taking in:

The Bree Louise: visited here for the first time in the summer, after personal recommendations. Great, great pub. Possible nosebag option, in between choosing from their 15 ales and 9 ciders....with discount for CAMRA members.

The Lord John Russell: OK, don't know it. Pollard and McGinn recommend it (Around London in 80 beers), and reviews suggest best pint of dark or light Budvar in town. Hmmm.

The Lamb: We went to its namesake in Leadenhall Market last year. This pub can only be better! Recommendation via John Langley. Looks like Youngs, so cannot be too bad!

Princess Louise: Sam Smiths, so saving a bit of money there!! Another Pollard/McGinn choice this, the pictures suggest a belting Victorian boozer.

The Harp: CAMRA Pub of the Year. 'Nuf said?

The route looks a little like this:

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I think the only choice now is whether to walk north-south or vice versa. Hope they are all open -not always so in the holidays! Otherwise, it could be a late afternoon/early evening in the Mitre!!

For those of you desperate to know our progress, I'll be on FourSquare, relaying reports via Twitter. We aim to complete this year's arduous task!

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