Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Claws - Half way through

Three weeks in, thought I had better crack open the Festive Brew. It started out like the mild; I wondered whether there was an air lock, gave it a shot of gas, and poured a glass of dark evil.

Conscious of what happened last time, I am not so worried about the lumpiness at present. But, man, what a taste. Great thick head, which is retained, but the beer has bits of spicy warmth, plenty of hop balanced by a treacle/fudge sweetness, probably from the brown sugar. No orange that I could taste, and, perhaps too much hop, so I perhaps need to go easy on my hop bill.

But, there are three weeks to go. This can only get mellower, but the warming richness of a beer over 7% should ensure a Merry Christmas!

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