Sunday, 19 December 2010

Santa Claws - It's Christmaaaas

As Noddy Holder once said.....

OK, so the Claws is now ready. It is as thick and black as I had hoped. The first thing you get is spice; cinnamon, cloves and ginger -possibly too much cinnamon. Then there is a dark treacle thing too - sweet but bitter/burned at the same time. Finally, there are lots of hops here. Nice counterpoint, but I was hoping for something sweeter. Letting breath a bit really opens the aroma out, and softens the taste a little - probably because this is the first pint drawn.

With the hops there, this does not feel like a 7% beer, but there is a great vinious feel to the beer, possibly from lactose and alcohol. Could be a winner for next year.

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