Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Ginger Tom is brewed

Eventually, I got my arse in gear today to start another brew. I had looked at a Ginger Beer recipe before, so decided to give it a go, and bottle it!

I changed a few things this time around. I steeped the crystal, rather than boiled it. I am hoping that might get rid of a few of the more astringent tastes I sometime get (possibly from tannins extracted by boiling grains). Problem was maintaining the steeping temperature at 70C...what a bitch, so let's say this was an 'average'! I am also unsure whether the crystal was as light as I was expecting, so I have adjusted the recipe for a darker colour.

I froze, defrosted, and grated the ginger, into the boiler, and also added sliced ginger and sultanas to the FV. Expected it to be uber-gingery.....mmm, not quite. First taste I got a slight warmth. To be honest, a bit of a let down.

Well, let's see how fermentation goes, shall we?

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