Saturday, 22 January 2011

When will I learn?

Although a week early, I decided to try a bottle of the Ginger Tom. Must admit, I was more interested in the carbonation and settling out more than anything. I thought the beer tasted crap....certainly did when I bottled it!

Well. One week. Just a week. A different beer. The sour lemony taste had gone. There is still a tang but this compliments rather than dominating. Clearly lots of malt....but wait, what's that warming burn I feel at the back of the throat??? Ginger!! This has actually turned out to be not a bad beer at all. I need to learn to have patience, and trust the technique.

Carbonation was good...if not a bit too bright. Settling.....well, it could do with more, as the photo suggests. But bottling seem a success. No astringency either, which means this comes from over hopping, or, more likely, extracting tannins from the grain - which I eliminated by steeping. Could be a success!

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